High Performance inks for lamination papers

Htec- HPL is a series of ink which is engineered for High Pressure Laminate industry; such as   laminate flooring, furnishings and others.

Htec- HPL is in the field for a very long time and has a proven technology ; the longest ink in the industry.

HPL industry has unique requirements and we are happy to fullfill the needs of the industrial customers.

Htec- HPL is compatable with most of the decor papers in the industry.

Htec- HPL-K  is compatable with Epson print heads

•        Compatible with  KYOCERA printheads
•        Excellent run-ability with virtually no maintenance required
•        Ideal drying speed for Industrial Production
•        Provides high density images and high transfer yields with all transfer papers
•        Improves machine performance at high-speed printing modes without sacrificing color fidelity
•        Aqueous ink  ideal for a safe working environment