Htek- PK is water based pigment ink for textile industry. We are very proud of our out standing color and print performance.

Htek- PK pigment inks does not require steaming and industrial textile washing. It has a wide gamut to reach best possible color requirements.
Htek- PK pigment inks are suitable for printing onto cotton, cotton/polyester blends and other textile fibers.
To achive higher britness it will be helpful to use coatings on fabrics.


Interior Design – Home Textile – Fashion products for man and woman


Htek- PK pigment inks are suitable for Epson Print heads

•        Compatible with  KYOCERA printheads
•        Excellent run-ability with virtually no maintenance required
•        Ideal drying speed for Industrial Production
•        Provides high density images and high transfer yields with all transfer papers
•        Improves machine performance at high-speed printing modes without sacrificing color fidelity
•        Aqueous ink  ideal for a safe working environment